Auto Detailing Clayton, NC

Having your car professionaly detailed preserves your vehicle’s re-sale value and keeps it looking new much longer.


The average American spends eight hours and 22 minutes per week inside their car. You deserve a clean and organized atmosphere when you’re driving. We already have enough things to deal with outside of our cars and we don’t need a cluttered and dirty interior. An atmosphere that is clean, sanitized, and organized, helps foster a clear thought process and is overall a much better situation. Sometimes it even feels that your car goes faster when it’s spotless or is it just me?

Our interior car detailing services will sanitize, clean, and protect every nook and cranny of the inside of your car.

Interior Detailing Capabilities:


Unlike a drive-thru car wash a professional exterior detail does not leave any scratches or swirls in your paint. How long do you want your paint to last?

We use professional chemicals, tools, & techniques to provide the best results every time to make sure we preserve your car’s exterior.

Exterior Detailing Capabilities:

Frequently Asked Auto Detailing Questions

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